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Who We Are

The Informatics Alliance is a small group of dedicated chem- and bioinformatics experts focusing on serving the life science, agro and chemical industries. Each of us brings many years of experience with research informatics projects and practical implementations. We are separate legal entities and operate independently, but we know and help each other, sharing experiences and expertise. For example, Informatics Alliance members have regular calls where we exchange information on industry trends and insights, challenges in current engagements, potential joint projects, etc. We of course honor confidentiality, any specific CDA/NDA we are bound to, and anti-trust codes.

The Informatics Alliance is stronger than just the sum of its members

We feel that, as a group, we are stronger than just the sum of our members. From the perspective of our clients, we form a pool of specialists from which the best-fitting expertise can be selected. We typically join forces to deliver larger projects (for example, global initiatives across several countries and continents), providing the best possible support to you as a client. With group members based in Europe, the US and Asia and in five world-leading life science hubs (Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts, Basel Switzerland, Copenhagen Denmark, Shanghai China, Cambridge UK), Informatics Alliance members can support clients all around the globe.

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