Meet the members of the Informatics Alliance.

At Informatics Alliance, we believe that a vibrant partner ecosystem is essential to providing best-in-class solutions that maximize business value for our clients. Toward this end, we have built an extensive network of collaborative partnerships that share our passion for excellence and commitment to creating customer value. Utilizing our diverse partner network, Informatics Alliance can staff projects around the world with the expertise necessary to deliver solutions that help our clients remain competitive in today’s challenging business environment. In addition, by working with our partner network, we can help you source the talent you need to successfully complete your project. 

Our Members:


Binocular Vision is East Asia’s leading life science informatics consulting practice. Since 2012 we have delivered successful projects to chemical, pharmaceutical and life science clients and have helped them implement state-of-the-art software and technologies that enable them to achieve world class results. Our business development partnerships with several best-in-class software vendors help them build their reputations and markets in East Asia. We maintain locally registered offices in Tokyo and Shanghai.


Thomas Doerner is an independent consultant and specialist for research informatics in life sciences and chemistry. Located at the interface of R&D and Informatics, Thomas helps his clients in pharma, biotech, and chemistry define, design, and implement solutions that enable scientists, foster more effective R&D, and lay the foundation to achieve better outcomes faster. 


Curlew Research’s experience & services cover R&D workflows from early discovery through to late stage clinical & real world /observational data (RWD). We partner in person &/or virtually to provide:

  • Digital R&D strategy and business transformation.
  • FAIR data strategy, ontologies & implementation along data management lifecycle
  • Lab of the Future (LotF) & experiment capture workflows (e.g. ELN, LIMS & LES)
  • Options and strategy for using AI / ML and data needs.
  • Business Analysis, Data Science services, Vendor Selection & deployment, Project Management & Consulting


Biochemfusion specializes in electronic representation of peptides and proteins. We have successfully built chemical registration systems for several customers, including systems that handle both small and large molecules. Besides basic registration we also have extensive experience with registration of biological test results.


Kalleid, Inc. is a boutique laboratory IT consulting firm that has proudly served the scientific community since 2014. We work across the value chain in R&D, clinical and quality areas to deliver support services for software implementations in highly complex, multi-site organizations. Kalleid’s experienced team has the right mix of both hard and soft skills to help your organization maximize the business value of your IT projects and turn your data into business intelligence. We have built an extensive network of collaborative partnerships that allow us to staff projects worldwide with high quality professionals to get the job done right for our clients.


StructurePendium Technologies GmbH

StructurePendium offers consulting services in the area of chem- and bioinformatics with a major focus on standardization and normalization of chemical structures and reactions for registration and retrieval processes (e.g., in the context of database mergers, data transfers between different vendors, and data analytics).

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