Gerd Blanke Appointed Technical Director of the InChI Trust

Oct 21, 2021 | Events, News

The Informatics Alliance has an exciting announcement!

Gerd Blanke appointed Technical Director of the InChI Trust

We are proud to announce that Informatics Alliance member Gerd Blanke
has – in addition to the various project work he does for clients of his
company StructurePendium Technologies GmbH – been appointed Technical
Director of the InChI Trust. Congratulations, Gerd, and all the best for
this new role! This is great news for both you and for the InChI Trust,
and we could not imagine anybody more suited for this position.

For more information on the InChI Trust and the InChI Standard, see

Gerd Blanke

Gerd Blanke is founder of StructurePendium Technologies GmbH. StructurePendium Technologies GmbH offers consulting services in the area of chem- and bioinformatics with a major focus on standardization and normalization of chemical structures and reactions for registration and retrieval processes. These services are provided in the context of database mergers, data transfers between different vendors, and data analytics. For more information, visit StructurePendium Technologies GmbH

About the Informatics Alliance

The Informatics Alliance is a small group of dedicated chem- and bioinformatics experts focusing on serving the life science, agro and chemical industries. Each of us brings many years of experience with research informatics projects and practical implementations. We operate independently but we know and help each other, sharing experiences and expertise, and for bigger projects we join forces, for the benefit of all our clients. With group members based in Europe, the US, Asia, and in four world-leading life science hubs (Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts, Basel Switzerland, Copenhagen Denmark, Shanghai China) Informatics Alliance members can support clients all around the globe.

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